What? I’m on TikTok?

My son would show his success on growing his TikTok channel. Over 250,000 followers and counting. Good job! Then he’d talk about how he did it and how I could do the same. Being on social media sabbatical for a few years now, TikTok seemed like a good medium to use for a return.

“But there is a bunch of young people on there just dancing and making meme videos.” This is what I heard many people say about it, but after exploring it a little bit, reading comments, watching what my son is doing with his videos, etc, again I saw this as a door to return to creating social media content. Why not? But how am I going to go about it?

The Fun Part

My son would often describe the martial arts community as serious and he wanted to share his knowledge with a relaxed and personable perspective. I figure I’ll do that too. But I’ll do one better. I’ll create a character…sort of. Its still me but if I were to start over as a teacher, how would it be if I used a different approach.

At the time of this blog post, I’ve created 5 videos that grew to about 5,500 followers being a Filipino dad teaching Filipino Martial Arts. Being personable, fun but always maintaining the value of what training is supposed to teach; strength and discipline with a sub tone of teaching the lost martial culture of the Philippines that many other Kalistas, Arnisadors, Eskrimadors are trying to do as well.

Maybe in down the road I’ll transition to teaching Muay Thai and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since you can clearly see in the background the banners of the associations my school is a part of.

Join Me

If this is something that you think would be valuable for yourself, follow me on TikTok at ervin.quintin.