The Gift of Discipline

So, you found yourself here either randomly or are searching for ways to enhance your children’s life. Maybe you found traditional sports like football and baseball. Perhaps gymnastics or the boy/girl scouts. Then a suggestion was dropped to you, “Ever consider martial arts?” The first thing we all think as parents about the idea is one of these two things. Its either “Heck no! I don’t want my kid to be violent.” or “Hmm, discipline and confidence. I want my kid to be more disciplined and have more confidence.” If you chose the latter, then this section is written just for you.

Having raised my three children around martial arts basically their whole lives, I can tell you what my experiences were like with them and what it was like for the children they trained with. Then for the most important one. What it I’ve observed with parents of the children my staff and I worked with when pressing the martial arts enrollment button.

Today, February 7, 2017, marks the beginng of creating this section. My intentions are to not hold back on what you should expect as a parent of a martial artist. Here are some topics off the top of my mind that may interest you. If any of these catch your eye, don’t worry. I’ll write it soon.

  • How to pick a martial arts school
  • What kind of style should I pick
  • What does getting a black belt entail
  • The kid will commit. Will you?
  • Things that deplete the interest after enrolling your child
  • What to do if your child wants to quit
  • What to do if your child is great in class but not at home
  • Free, cheap prices, competitive pricing and overpricing. Is it worth it and how to tell the difference.