The Fundamentals Project

The Fundamentals Project

After more than 25+ years of being a martial artist, I figure its about time I document what I know. This will be a documentation of what I know in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals, Muay Thai Fundamentals and Filipino Kali Fundamentals. Everything you need to know to get started, enhance your training at home or where ever you may be. I have been blessed to have learned from the world’s best teachers some of which are no longer with us on this earth, but I think of them everyday when I teach.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been recording a ton of videos in a big project for my school, Impact Martial Arts Academy in Virginia Beach. Basically its every technique in a fundamentals curriculum that I’ve written for every program offered for all beginning students of the martial arts. What are the programs? Well, I teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Filipino Martial Arts aka Kali/Eskrima/Arnis.

This project will be my way of honoring them by showing how far I’ve grown and do what they’ve done for me. Legacy is Important as it tells the story of where we come from. Know your origins and never forget but at the same time have the need to evolve; improve what has been passed to us as we pass it on to the next generations.

Balancing Podcasting Blogging and Other Projects

So many things to do! How will I balance it all after a gap in consistency? The same way everyone else does it. Fighting my own laziness and ignorance the whole way. This doesn’t mean go full tilt, balls to the wall. It means I’ll do it the way I know that works and thats committing to twice per week. Once that habit is strengthened again, go for three times per week.

That’s how I built previous skill over the years and its the way I advocate to everyone that has their own life goals. Its my continuing message in every environment I pass through. From this blog, to the podcast and especially in class where I share in the present, in the moment, living, breathing, thinking.

Impact Student Portal

Where am I going to be offering this project? Its going to be on this app that I’ve been developing over the last few years called the Impact Student Portal app. Its available on Android and IOS. I’m always trying to improve it and this evolution cycle has a new look and feel. Its still filling up as this project progresses with all activity as transparent as I can be since that’s the way I am; simple and up front.

Impact student portal

Its free and open to the public but eventually, will become subscriber based. That isn’t coming anytime soon so I invite any of you out there that wants to watch its development to download it. With all the free content out there, I just figured I’ll do the same so you can have value right away.

All I ask is that you share it with anyone that you think could benefit from it and give me a shout out on Instagram, Facebook or email. That would mean the world to me.

The Work in Progress

Here is an example on the Fundamental work that has been releasing throughout December. Most of these videos are unlisted right now but are all organized within the Student Portal app previously mentioned.

My son, Geno, has been a great assistant in everything. We’re currently finishing up the BJJ 101 course with Muay Thai next in queue. Make sure you follow his stuff as well. You can find him on Instagram @genoquintin. I’m looking forward to seeing how good our production gets.