Structure and Targeting

In this short article, I will be jotting down post thoughts right after my 10:00am in Muay Thai Class on structure and targeting. This is also the first article in a new category of my blog called the Coaches Journal where I intend to document the classes I teach. Its purpose is to enhance the training experience for my students and for others that may find this information to improve knowledge and practice.

Today’s agenda was to teach the targeting areas so to reveal the purpose and use of the Muay Thai stance. There are four sections I showed that included the head line, upper chest line, belly line and the leg line. Its important to show the context of the striking to give value to the stance rather than only teaching the technicalities of it. Mixing the two together creates a powerful effect for understanding that carries into the future progress of the student.

Here are a few targets that are not to be the ultimate guide to targeting as there are many schools of thought on what they are. These are only a starting point.

  • Head line: Nose, jaw and neck
  • Upper chest line (opponent’s hands are up): Below the shoulder, wrist and sternum
  • Belly line: Floating rib, liver, spleen and diaphragm
  • Leg line: iliotibial band, sartorius muscle and calf