Social Media Sabbatical

In more than 25 years of my life as a martial artist, a new chapter unfolds, marked by a sense of departure from the norms of social media. For years, using social media was akin to many—scrolling, liking, commenting, and occasionally sharing. Yet, as I approach 47 this year, a profound realization gives me a sense of a deeper calling.

The Path to Ascension

My career, like those of many professionals who reach a degree of success in their fields, has been a testament to the natural ascension where one transitions from achieving personal accolades to nurturing the next wave of talent. This evolution isn’t merely a change in direction but a reflection of our industry. Deep within me, there’s this sense to pass down the wisdom and experiences I’ve gained to whoever seeks it.

A Turning Point

In the last few years, I didn’t really contribute to social media on my personal channels; I just consumed it for inspiration. I guess the turning point is that I’m over-inspired and now seeking my own natural energies. Taking action on others who have inspired me is one thing. Acting on my own organic energies is another.

My academy, a labor of love and dedication, stands as a testament to my commitment to martial arts. Yet, this dedication came at a cost—forgoing the pursuit of personal excellence as a high-level competitor for the cultivation of a nurturing ground for others. This is by no means a suggestion that I will stop striving to reach a degree of being a competitive athlete. It’s that this realization isn’t one of regret but a pivot to a more profound mission: to fully realize my academy as the premier conduit for learning, growth, and inspiration.

Introducing My Legacy Project

This pivot brings to life my legacy project—a memoir of my roles as a student, mentor, entrepreneur, and educator. More than a mere transfer of knowledge, this project is a narrative of passion, a reflection on the journey that has defined my path.

If you happen to stumble upon my blog in search of something that aligns with what this article provides, I hope my writings enlighten you.

Final Thoughts

As I focus on my legacy project, I do so with inspiration and a mind brimming with ideas. This project is not just a reflection of my past but a beacon for the future, a guide for those who will walk the path of martial arts with the same passion that has fueled my journey. I’ll still check my DMs though…no worries!

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