So You Want to Start Training Huh?

Too Much Information Available

There is an abundant amount of resources when it comes to training in the martial arts. They all claim that they are the best one for you and that they are the best choice. True, but the only reason that it is true is because those people chose it. Of course it’s the best…for them.

It goes without saying, there is bias when it comes to selecting the “best” choice. Bias for fitness, bias for competition, bias for weight loss, bias for combat, bias for pretty much anything you can think of.

But Which One is the Best?

Simply put, only you can tell. The hard part is knowing what they are. In my experience, I’ve met tons of people that say they want to start training, but really don’t know what to believe when there is so much information out there. That’s where I’d like this post to help.

The goal here is to refine what you’re sensing and help you properly find out what is best for you. Full disclaimer, I do have my own biases, but I will do my ultimate best to not use them in the next sections. Having a business of my own, I understand that being sold to is not why people walk into my place. Everyone seems to just want to be informed on something they’ve thought about for a while with the interest to act on it if done well. That’s what I do, just inform and whatever you choose is always respected. So let’s get started.

Defining Your Initial Goal

Everyone has that one feeling that sticks out depending on what you’re currently doing. Whether its watching TV, talking to a friend, perusing social media, there is this underlying sense that we want something for ourselves. What is it? Well, its something really basic and instinctual. I’m willing to bet you’ve explored it during some random meditation while driving or while eating. That means you already know what it is. You know what you want.

Focus in on that and then write it down. Don’t like to write? Then make a video. You don’t have to share it with anyone. It doesn’t even have to be long. It just has to become real. It has to be pulled out of your mind and brought into the real world. Basically, it is the birth of your goal. Just like with any new born, the next part is to nurture it and help it grow.

Hey, this is for you first. Not for anyone else. Don’t worry, it will benefit them too. You just have to get started to build its value.

Making the Choice

You know that feeling of being constantly blocked from whatever it is you want for yourself? You grow so tired of it and absolutely had enough. You then make the decision right then and there the next actions are for you. It kind of sounds something like this

I’m going to do it!

That’s the feeling of conviction. When you chase after it, that’s where total conviction is built. That’s where insatiable hunger lives. Its the true value of self discipline. Its not logic, although can be defined as such. Self discipline is a feeling fueled by remembering what you wanted for yourself. It makes taking action much much easier.

When you make your choice and take action on it, you then will be on a mission. Commit to it knowing full well that it will be worth it no matter the obstacle.

Easy Research

Now that you made your goal known and you’ve made your choice. Doing research on where to train becomes really simple. All you got to do from here is match your goal to what the place promotes for its programs.

Visit their main website, check out their YouTube channel and explore their social media accounts. The place and its staff will show you their character. If you want to visit them in person to get the authentic feel for it, do that. Trust your instincts while browsing and expect to be sold to. Any good business must do that. Do it for however long it takes before you call for your introductory appointment. It could be right away or it could be done when it lines up with your conviction.

The thing you’re doing here is making sure and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to ask around, do that too. Weigh what you’ve heard and what you’ve experienced yourself to make the best choice you can. Remember this is for you. You’re doing it for you.

Training with friends or familiar people is nice, but their goals are different from yours. I’ve never heard of anyone reaching personal success because of someone else’s goals. They did it themselves and others were happy to be a part of their lives.

Walk the Walk

If you’ve made it this far, then everything that comes afterwards is gravy. Doing what you’ve set out to do is not fake. Its REAL and its yours.

Visit that thought you wrote down or that video you made from time to time to be refreshed on that total conviction feeling. Remember what that felt like. Do it especially when you’ve become aware you’re distracted. Help yourself help yourself. I’ll say it again. Help yourself…help yourself. Put a pause in there and feel that out. It makes for the strongest decisions you can ever make.

Don’t Read My Biased Opinion

With all that said, I’m sure there is someone asking what my recommendation is. So here’s my biased opinion. Come and train with us over at Impact Martial Arts Academy here in Virginia Beach. I run it with my wife and we’ll help you get to where you’d like to be.

Hope to see you on the mat one day wherever that might be. Until then, walk the walk my friend.