So You Want to be a Champion

So you want to be a champion? What was it you said? Was it in the ring, cage or grande arena? In order to do that, you must strive to be a champion in all aspects of your life. They are all fights worth fighting. The outcomes are not important. It’s how you go about training for them. Its how you fight them. Its your attitude when you win. Its your attitude when you lose. Mentors and teachers are abundant now these days. So pick one, learn from him and, most importantly, implement. Don’t show up to training to get the best techniques and advice that improves your game then not actually use them. Why? It didn’t work the first time you tried? Join the club!



Here is some advice. Stop complaining and just do the work. Complaining will just poison your efforts no matter how hard you try. Just as strength and conditioning need reps to actually get you stronger, so does mindset. If you think the whole world is out to get you then your going to always be outnumbered. Doubt yourself. You’re immediately outnumbered. Unbelievers hating on you? Outnumbered. Gossip hurting your feelings? Outnumbered still. Supporters calling you out on your bull and you throw a tantrum? Yup, outnumbered. Then you’ll enter the ring or cage outnumbered before the bell even rings. No why would you fight like that?

You would think that recruiting support and get a big crew to back you up is better. Consider this as well. You got to realize that treating them like crap when there is honorable expectations in play is not going to set you up for victory. How about this? This one is my favorite. Listening to advice, nodding your head, and in the moment agreeing wholeheartedly to it, then go home and go back to the old ways; the failure methods. It’s like treating advice like drugs. It’s only good for the moment. It will give you the buzz you are looking for, then it just dies off. You leave yourself high and dry. No spark. No confidence. No nothing. You’re just an advice junkie or, better yet, an askhole. No, not an asshole. That’s different. You’ll be an askhole. But I digress.

Find someone you trust; specifically a mentor. Let go and follow with the intent that you mean to.

Champions aren’t made in the ring, they are merely recognized there. What you cheat on in the early light of morning will show up in the ring under the bright lights.

Joe Frazier

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