Self Imposed Behavioral Contract

Have you ever signed a contract of significant value like paying your house mortgage, brand new car or college education? They are a great deal to you aren’t they? Missing your payments for a lengthy amount of time would mean they would be taken from you or repossessed. On that note, what about signing a contract that was self imposed. Would you honor your own words? I mean, why would someone else’s words mean more to you than your own?

At my martial arts school, we hand out these contracts named Improve by 1% Everyday to the kids to fullfill in order to earn their white belts. We review it with them and they would agree that the terms were in their own best interest. The parents love it and much as we do. On it, the complete terms are:

In order to receive my white belt, I must:

  1. Clean and organize my bedroom everyday.
  2. Make sure I stay clean by showering or taking a bath when I am supposed to.
  3. Brush and floss my teeth after meals.
  4. Help my parents clear the table after meals.
  5. Make sure to say “Thank You” and “Please”.
  6. Complete all my chores without being told.

Easy right? All they have to do is get each item checked off just one time, then get the signature of their parent that acknowledges that they did it. Great way to start practicing discipline!

Anyway, I could go on about the entire process but what I really wanted to do was impose a contract on myself. It was the actual purpose of bringing back this blog. I said I was going to write but had no supporting documentation. As a stand in, I’ll use this post to state that I will write down the classes I’ve taught, philosophies and give a simple review on gear I’ve used in an organized fashion. “But aren’t you worried someone will use your information and pass it off as their own?” Quick answer is NOPE. Nothing I will share is original. It all has been said before. No one was listening then so it had to be said again.

As I end this post, I will create the Instructor’s Class Journal. See you there!