Round 2!

I’m an artist. A martial artist. I’m just like many others you’ve probably met before me except that my name is Ervin Quintin. This is the second evolution to blogging and sharing stuff that led me to quitting the IT field that I started back in 2000. Instead of working for the government, now I just own a small business in Virginia Beach with my wife. Its just great!..but there’s this one thing. The blog site that had been neglected for nearly a year expired and that got me restless. It’s like that toy you never played with got taken from you and then all of a sudden you want to play with it. So here we go. Let’s try this again. Round 2! Right!

Evolving My FMA

Filipino Martial Arts, in my opinion, is the most comprehensive fighting system of the world as it includes all aspects of fighting categorized in the

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A Legacy Project

For a long time, I wanted to do a legacy project on the martial arts that I know and studied. I figured I’d dump my

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