How to Be a Great Coach or Parent for Kids

Unlocking potential

There is something in this video that I would consider the REAL secret to unlock a kid’s potential. What do you think it is? Watch it and then scroll below the video to see what my opinion is.



Its the kiss; the thing that says, “I believe in you. You can do it!” It is also in that exact moment the kid turns focus into determination. Its a determination that can be difficult to reproduce on the fly and depending on the situation difficult to remember. The attempts before that moment was merely trying just to try. Not really determining to succeed. Sometimes yes, but most times not.

Finally, in the exact moment of success, determination turned into perseverance. Again, this is my opinion. It takes genuine determination to reach the status of perseverance. Everything else, I would consider either coincidence or consequence. Being purposeful, focused and desiring is what changes everything.

What can we do as coaches or parents?

Give something of high value that says “I believe in you.” It could be the words. It could be a hug. It could be cheering them on. Whatever it is, just make sure you do it as genuine as you’d like them to be in their moment. Set the example of what authenticity feels like through your expression. If the success comes, then celebrate hard! Show them how happy it made you and that will stay with them the next time they face challenge. They will live for that feeling, not just for you, but for themselves.