Evolving My FMA

Filipino Martial Arts, in my opinion, is the most comprehensive fighting system of the world as it includes all aspects of fighting categorized in the 12 areas of Kali as taught by the Lacoste-Inosanto system. In my studies of being a martial artist, I’ve compressed them down to three areas of interest which are weaponry, striking and grappling. I took it even further by specializing in both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Utilizing what I learned there, I can clearly see where FMA has its weak areas. Its not what you think it might be. It’s not from the martial system in general, but its from the modern thinking of how to utilize it.

Having been a part of the other martial arts communities, the biases that I listen to can be a little entertaining. Majority of the time, the argument against FMA is its effectiveness without an implement or improvised weapon. I can say for certain, that I’ve managed to close up that issue. Is it by using Muay Thai or BJJ? Nope, although I could say I can mode change my fighting style like Mokujin from the arcade game Tekken haha! All I really wanted to do was to functionalize what the modern world failed to see in FMA from a non-implement perspective while staying true to the Filipino arts. Don’t get me wrong. I still deeply love Muay Thai and BJJ respectively to their art forms and culture. I just wanted to take my FMA to a whole new level.

Which brings me to today. After more than 25 years of studying different arts, my personal FMA has evolved. It would basically be in the realm of pioneering my family’s brand of Kali. Isn’t that interesting!

I’ve wrestled with the idea that what I created is a hybrid versus it being pure FMA and I could argue both sides. It really doesn’t matter. It has the aspects to develop a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy spirit while still applicable to the modern world of practical fighting systems.