In this episode, I welcome back Carlos David Oliveira back to the podcast to share his story on how he got into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how it became his lifestyle.

  • Knowing about limitations
  • Starting out in Capoeira
  • Giving up martial arts for surfing
  • The surf gang and a first encounter
  • UFC and the VHS tape
  • Finding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and its initial costs
  • Trading the surf board for lessons
  • First gi getting destroyed
  • When the money ran out
  • The agreement
  • Cleaning your feet and the second gi
  • Mom
  • Teaching as a white belt and being tested by others
  • From nothing to something
  • Struggling and making the decision to become a professional
  • The invitation to come to the United States
  • Learning English and trying to teach in English
  • Moving to Richmond
  • Realizing the responsibility to represent
  • Honor and respect
  • Seeing BJJ culture changing in the modern day
  • Trash talking and bad attitudes
  • Poor character turning potential students off
  • A message for those that want to start but haven’t yet


Carlos David Oliveira