A quote that brought on this episode: “When the opportunity arrives, the time to prepare has long gone.”

  • Recorded April 23, 2018
  • Voice industry thoughts
  • Making your goals known
  • Bridging to the martial arts during Ajarn Chai’s seminar
  • Didn’t know my student wanted to fight
  • Fight opportunities that come and go
  • Right then and there
  • Preparing for the opportunity while its unknown
  • Translating confidence
  • Do you know when you’re going to start
  • Its in progress
  • Becoming more efficient with the eyedropper
  • Fighting against bad habits
  • Know its coming
  • Distracted by the phone ringing
  • Learning opportunity awareness
  • Excuses
  • Abundant resources
  • Zero day cycles
  • Relationships
  • How to learn from your mistakes
  • Your options
  • How to be already prepared


EP 20 – Its Supposed to be Hard

Difficulty and challenges of training A new difficult question; almost an unfair question The acceptable answer for an instructor A memory of Crossfit Building technique

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