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Motivation for Your Monday

Motivation for Your Monday

Motivation is a simple thing yet can be a challenge to access it. The question you have to answer is, Why do you do what you do? Once you can answer this important question, you can access the hard work inside of you. You can do it!

The Eight Disciplines

In this article, I’d like to suggest a paradigm shift to associate the word Discipline to systems of practice. There are eight disciplines, in my opinion, that are distinct as this word is misused too often in the world today. It becomes synonymous with undesired work, consequences, and any negative association people can think of. …

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Teaching Kids

Quick blog post on teaching. After these many years, I can truly say teaching kids is such an honor. The rewards of watching them get their first experiences on the mat, where they are reserved and quiet, to when they allow themselves to be free from the social pressures around them. They just grow into …

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Story Telling

They say that story telling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see. Its been a good road and still is a good road to travel.

Problem Solver

Mind, Body and Spirit That’s what we say embodies being a martial artist. Too easy is to just be only technically savy or in shape. Too tempting is to only be about the combat aspect of the arts. That only covers the body variable of the equation. That’s only one third of the pie. What …

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TOTD: Instincts

Thought of the Day There are many places to practice basic instincts. Not many are as potent as combat. Trusting your instincts is beautifully simple. So how does one develop their instincts? I’d say find people that trusts their training and ask them how they do it.

My Art

Got into a brainstorming discussion with my wife this morning. It got me thinking about what it is I do. It has become clearer to me now that I’m not really a martial artist. I’m just a plain artist. Someone trying to express himself without embarassment and chaos. Here is what is understood in the …

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