Evolving My FMA

Filipino Martial Arts, in my opinion, is the most comprehensive fighting system of the world as it includes all aspects of fighting categorized in the 12 areas of Kali as taught by the Lacoste-Inosanto system. In my studies of being a martial artist, I’ve compressed them down to three areas of interest which are weaponry, …

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A Legacy Project

For a long time, I wanted to do a legacy project on the martial arts that I know and studied. I figured I’d dump my entire brain on my personal website from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts and Silat. In the past, I’ve attempted to categorize it, be creative …

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Motivation for Your Monday

Motivation for Your Monday

Motivation is a simple thing yet can be a challenge to access it. The question you have to answer is, Why do you do what you do? Once you can answer this important question, you can access the hard work inside of you. You can do it!

The Eight Disciplines

In this article, I’d like to suggest a paradigm shift to associate the word Discipline to systems of practice. There are eight disciplines, in my opinion, that are distinct as this word is misused too often in the world today. It becomes synonymous with undesired work, consequences, and any negative association people can think of. …

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Homemade Kali Dummy

Homemade Kali Dummy

Want to train at home but don’t have a training partner? In FMA, there isn’t very many options out there for training equipment. I decided to craft this Filipino Martial Arts training dummy prototype to see if I can at least influence the creativity on building something for our community. The objective was to to …

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