03 Training in Thailand – Reflections

It’s been a couple of days since returning to the US from my 2 week training event in Thailand. As always, the intention was to write about the experience at each opportunity. Of course that didn’t happen. Sleep schedule adjusting, acclimating to the environments, getting into the groove when arriving and then returning has been a challenge. The dividends it will pay as stories over time is always worth it.

In these fresh days returning, that is the thing that sticks out. Intention. We always mean to do something meaningful and we always run into obstacles. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Somtimes it turns out perfect. Sometime it goes horribly wrong. Obstacles nevertheless and I think that chasing after our intentions are honorable and respectable.

I met new people on this trip. Many that are in different phases of their lives but all having the common goal of improving. From professional fighters to the dabbler, each had a really great story to tell.

Pearl Gonzales and Dave Gomez training at Khongsittha

The story that stuck out to me the most was one who just had his school closed that he built over the years due to partnership issues. He told me that he wasn’t going to attend because of financial strain but his calling told him he should go. He felt that there was something waiting for him to receive that would reveal much needed insight if he went. It pulled him in from the very beginning as if on queue.

After a week of training, he shared with me what that was. It was being opened to experience being a student again. This time, though, it was different. Even though he was already dedicated, he came in absolutely primed to absorbing wisdom and new perspective. He got the chance to experience being like his students at home that are waiting for him to return and what he can provide based off the reminder that this trip gave. He said was so glad he came. The lift on his spirit as he shared with me his validated decision to come was impressive.

I find the kind of enlightenment extremely powerful and I learned from that. It is the kind that pulls you towards achievements and there is no more need to push so hard. The perfect kind of energy. Effortless and pure.

With an already committed person, the energy he would bring to the table, especially after his trip, would be the best possible person to be around.

That’s inspiring. 

That is the definition of passion and desire. I am excited for him in his rejuvenation to rebuild. This time it will be the way he wants it to be and the only thing that will happen is evolution. 

That’s what we all want, right? Evolution? Lessons learned with continued intentions and the open mindedness to apply one’s own wisdom is a force to be in awe of. We all want that for ourselves and we should surround ourselves with that kind of energy. It’s like a charged energy source giving off a buzz that is so contagious that you can’t help but feel you can do anything yourself.

Absorb it.

Use it.

Take advantage of it.

That’s what I’m going to do.

I want to thank the World Thai Boxing Association and Ajarn Chai for making this training in Thailand happen! We all learned so much!

At the Grand Palace of Thailand

Check out my Instragram account for the hashtag #espadathaicamp2018 for the pictures and short videos I was able to capture. Photo credit of this articles main image goes to Kieth Leonard.