group photo Sasiprapa

01 Training in Thailand – Get Moving

Woke up at Zero Dark Thirty because that’s what you do when acclimating to the time change. Finally got to morning, ate some breakfast and off we go to Sasiprapa Muay Thai gym.

Upon arrival, the first thing heard was the familiar thunder of kicking pads with the sound of a fighter that makes you think, “Yup, this is the place.” Got off the van, captured a selfie, took my shoes off and got ready. At this point I was a little worried because I didn’t want jet lag to kick in and I wouldn’t get to fully concentrate. Thats ok. Let me just stay hydrated and listen to my 40 year old body. I’m sure the trainers already knew to expect that since a lot of us are coming from the USA. 

Getting Got

Aside from all the great training that was happening, jet lag finally was on, what I think is, the last bit. After the first training session, My body said “Hey, isn’t it about 2-3am? I felt my brain wanting to turn on sleeping mode. Got into the second session and ended up having to sit for most of the heavy part of training as I watched one of my young students I came with go at it with some open pad holding. After a bit, I had to get up and got to fit in heavy bag work. Then the cool down part of training came. 

group photo Sasiprapa

Wai Kru / Ram Muay

I’ve only been taught one Wai Kru. It’s the one performed for instructorship under Ajarn Chai Sirisute. He talked a little about wanting us to learn how Sasiprapa Gym did theirs asking everyone to pay special attention to how relaxed they were and how to implement it when we do it. A great way to conclude the training for the day.

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