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Keep Sharp | Stay Disciplined

  • Difficulty and challenges of training
  • A new difficult question; almost an unfair question
  • The acceptable answer for an instructor
  • A memory of Crossfit
  • Building technique then take the challenge
  • Getting to practice perseverance
  • Earning it not having it given
  • Believing you can do it
  • Parents train too
  • Tip for parents on what we can tell children
  • Eyedroppers
  • Winning by inches, not by the mile
  • Respecting and appreciating beginners allowing themselves to win
  • Changing perspectives
  • Working out some more
  • Self accountability
  • Pullups for failure
  • Not waiting for failure, go for it
  • If you’re going to control our own lives, control the failures too
  • Go after it and know you’re in control of it

  • Introduction to Roberto Traven
  • How do you keep motivated all these years?
  • Training is part of life
  • The different motivation sources
  • Bringing back students that may have lost motivation
  • Balance and support for his son
  • Thoughts on YouTube
  • Importance of having a strong foundation
  • Basics and progression
  • Keeping motivation
  • Advice
  • Final thoughts on self motivation

Roberto Traven BJJ HQ:

Special thanks to Phoenix Fitness and Martial Arts for letting me setup shop in their office to have the interview after the seminar!

I’ve got another episode for you. You’ll have to excuse me because I made a pretty bad technical error when setting up the recording. What was the mistake? The track that held my voice got dropped somehow. For the most part, I asked questions to get thoughts shared and I’d say a very good majority of the episode is in tact though. You’ll catch the edits in the middle as to keep the flow going without causing too much confusion. So thanks for sticking with it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

I want everyone to meet, if you haven’t already met him , Andrew Smith of Revolution BJJ in Richmond VA. When we first were introduced, we started talking about competitions and how he went from being an extremely active competitor to evolving his martial arts practice. Listen in on how that happened.

  • Getting started in grappling and the pathway to competition
  • From Wrestling to Judo to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Beginning to favor BJJ competition
  • The need of immersion
  • Challenges faced on wanting to compete
  • Segue away from competing
  • The evolution into coaching
  • * Edit 1: I asked how a martial arts class environment affects the student
  • Thoughts on the scaling of training
  • Leadership for students
  • * Edit 2: Student spectrum from fitness oriented, the artist and, what I like to call the head rippers
  • The art through innovation and stoicism
  • * Edit 3: How to balance the “head rippers”
  • * Edit 4: Similar question about the learner that wants to unlock the aggression needed for competition
  • Focus and effectiveness.
  • Being a rock. Being water
  • The long game student
  • Calling out the imbalanced behavior
  • * Final Edit: The yin and yang of BJJ. Both sides giving the contrast needed on choosing the lifestyle
  • Final thoughts of BJJ philosophy

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Updated May 22, 2019

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