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Keep Sharp | Stay Disciplined

  • Shadow boxing
  • The hardest thing to do in martial arts
  • Making yourself happy
  • What you wanted to do in the first place
  • Criticisms
  • Make your choice
  • Don’t work harder, work...
  • Getting through the wall
  • Giving yourself patience
  • Bling!
  • If I can do it, you can do it

  • Difficulty and challenges of training
  • A new difficult question; almost an unfair question
  • The acceptable answer for an instructor
  • A memory of Crossfit
  • Building technique then take the challenge
  • Getting to practice perseverance
  • Earning it not having it given
  • Believing you can do it
  • Parents train too
  • Tip for parents on what we can tell children
  • Eyedroppers
  • Winning by inches, not by the mile
  • Respecting and appreciating beginners allowing themselves to win
  • Changing perspectives
  • Working out some more
  • Self accountability
  • Pullups for failure
  • Not waiting for failure, go for it
  • If you’re going to control our own lives, control the failures too
  • Go after it and know you’re in control of it

  • Introduction to Roberto Traven
  • How do you keep motivated all these years?
  • Training is part of life
  • The different motivation sources
  • Bringing back students that may have lost motivation
  • Balance and support for his son
  • Thoughts on YouTube
  • Importance of having a strong foundation
  • Basics and progression
  • Keeping motivation
  • Advice
  • Final thoughts on self motivation

Roberto Traven BJJ HQ:

Special thanks to Phoenix Fitness and Martial Arts for letting me setup shop in their office to have the interview after the seminar!

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Updated October 8, 2019

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