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Finances is a sensitive subject and being open to discuss it is even more sensitive. In this episode, I open myself up to sharing my opinions and perspective with the danger of being criticized. My hope is that the message is received and not taken as being told what to do.

So to give a time reference and not to confuse anyone about this clip I’m mixing into this episode, this is right after finishing up with fight practice which is held right after advanced class. I considered not using it, but I think it would benefit anyone that is going through some doubt.

  • Catch your breath
  • Keep your head on straight
  • Practice fighting in fight practice
  • Keep open mindedness
  • When you get frustrated, thats the training
  • Bring you into the fight
  • The most vulnerable part of training
  • Don't walk into the fight outnumbered
  • Remember you opted in


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Impact website:

  • Intimidated?
  • Is it me?
  • The effects of integrity
  • How to hold to your word
  • Accountability partner
  • What the coach is for
  • What amateur levels are for
  • Put yourself out there

You can find me in Virginia Beach at Impact Martial Arts Academy doing what I love to do.


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Updated May 22, 2019

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