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Can studying multiple martial arts at the same time be simple? What is the balance on mixing them together? 

  • The question
  • The balance triangle
  • Moving within the triangle
  • Time share
  • Diminishing effect
  • Support system
  • Remembering your goals
  • The mixed martial artists preferences and frustrations
  • Ego
  • Paradigm shift and consolidating the arts
  • Daydreaming
  • Reaching boredom which leads to cross training or dabbling

A quick note on money, expectations, values, desperation and being your true self.

This is the very first episode of this podcast. There is this episode called Arkangel on a Netflix series called Black Mirror. Some uncomfortable things with some opinions about parent filters.

  • Spoiler alert
  • The parent filter
  • The need to train kids on how to handle stressful situations
  • The eye dropper effect
  • Baseball example
  • Protecting kids by helping them get ready. Give the magic of martial arts
  • Seeing ourselves as the next elderly generation being in their capable hands

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Updated May 22, 2019

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