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In this episode, I want to talk about quitting or maybe to take a quick break from it all. It comes up all the time. It comes up for everyone. How do you deal with the choice to quit?

  • The question "What do I do when I want to quit?"
  • Self study
  • How good do you want to be?
  • When should you quit?
  • Face your ego. Face your weaknesses
  • The value of the white belt
  • The reasons you started in the first place
  • The waste of excuses
  • Commit to your word
  • What it does
  • What you get
  • True freedom
  • Shout out to Tony Robbins
  • An honest go
  • How I help balance family life and the martial arts lifestyle
  • Time management
  • Reverting to old habits
  • Woes of Burn Out
  • The Profession-Family-Self Triangle
  • Balance the mind. Balance the Ego.
  • Like minded people
  • Giving it a shot

In this episode, I touch base on connecting with people and how there the death of relationships is influenced by social media.

  • How social media is the death to relationships
  • Let me pick on Facebook
  • Breeding ground for narcissism
  • Effects of withdrawal from social media
  • The grounds for terminating a relationship
  • What is the growth of relationships
  • The face to face
  • Relationship pressure
  • Holding each other accountable
  • Bond
  • Recognizing intent for bond
  • Say no to the 45 minute text conversation
  • Appreciating a tempered relationship
  • Withdrawal and being brought back
  • Meaningfulness of story telling in person
  • Effects of "real" communication
  • Expectation and implications of digital support vs being present
  • Balancing everyone's lives
  • How to recognized your efforts 

Raw, surprising and spare of the moment afterthoughts that was brought up after hosting an in house fight. This share, I’m sure has some purpose.

  • Trying to find the word that fits an enlightened conclusion
  • Brief mention of the book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fck
  • What does “Who Cares” mean to me now
  • How needing a loss is important
  • When does Enough is Enough kick in
  • The possibility of fleeting emotions ultimately leading to work you were meant to do
  • When beliefs becomes a true source of strength
  • Only the quality of your work remains

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Updated May 22, 2019

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