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Originally released 10/30/12 an interview with Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc.


  • Evolving Martial Arts from sport, traditional and combat
  • The innovators, genius systems and the Filipinos
  • Recognizing heritage that leads to training
  • Filipino Martial Arts is family oriented and closed door
  • Making other systems better with higher level thinking
  • Reconnecting to the Philippines with different view points
  • Having the edge and capabilities
  • Thank you for everything

My second guest on the podcast is with a good friend and training partner in the Filipino Martial Arts. The topic is about his podcast called Lakas FMA with episodes on capturing time and how it gives the ability to revisit it from a personal perspective that I feel is important.

You'll have to forgive the quality around minute 16 of the podcast. I tried a different sound setup with my guest, Guro Joe Marana, on recording the audio. It reverbs for just a short spurt but we'll give it a go anyway.

  • Introducing Guro Joe Marana and Lakas Filipino Martial Arts podcast
  • Influencing through time
  • Time hopping
  • Personal inspiration
  • Important and completely organic conversations
  • Sayoc Kali's direct influence on us
  • Defining moments
  • Picking on social media some more referencing EP 04
  • Getting self conscious about the camera
  • Reminiscing on VHS recordings
  • Ascending relationships with time capsules from the personal archives
  • Thank you for time well spent

Join me and my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, Carlos David Oliveira, on this podcast. Here we will discuss some thoughts about Old School and New School methods regarding this martial art. Very good talk for sure!

  • Introducing my instructor, Carlos David Oliveira
  • Poverty in Brazil is different than the U.S.
  • How martial arts leads to a better life
  • The trampoline effect
  • BJJ was once only available to the rich
  • Success realized
  • How BJJ came to the U.S.
  • From vale tudo to BJJ
  • Highlighting some differences
  • Realistic application in the cage
  • Opinions and preferences
  • Finding balance
  • Specializing
  • Identifying your goals
  • Bigger than it seems
  • Individualizing
  • Final thoughts
    • How to pick a place to train
    • Insider on how he first started
  • OSS

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Updated May 22, 2019

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