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Keep Sharp | Stay Disciplined

A bit raspy but still doing it.

  • Pinky toe blues
  • Still doing the deed
  • Go train anyway
  • Big ups to the laborers
  • Still improving even after a day's work
  • There are goals to be met
  • The Dream Job
  • Meaningfulness behind your work
  • Vacation? What's that?
  • It's not work. It's what I like to do
  • Stop convincing yourself. Just do.
  • Having to do the deed
  • Be smart with your goals
  • The most genius things come from the unlikely places
  • Move away from negative mindsets
  • Its ok to rest. Just be smart about it.

In this episode, I have Patrick Consing, Tuhon in Sayoc Kali, Master Instructor of Kapatid Martial Arts in Pleasantville NY and one of most influential people I turn to for mentorship.

  • If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand
  • Everything begins with thought
  • I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
  • If you act like a stranger, you’re going to be treated like a stranger.
  • A talk on optimism with a black belt class
  • Training dictates how you can do everything
  • Factors that help create success
  • Why do people get stuck?
  • If a plan is created for success, then why not follow it?
  • Something that you can always do
  • Pain and change
  • Willingness to make your training work
  • Faith in your training
  • Accessing your resources
  • Your accomplishments and deeds
  • Welcoming mistakes
  • Ignoring preparations
  • Why can’t you avoid training
  • Staying sharp
  • Everyday you should be seeking
  • Don’t forget who forged you
  • Exercise trust in your mentors
  • Addressing the need to take a break
  • Willingness
  • Communication and being connected
  • Character based training
  • Self selections
  • Methodology
  • Its alright to learn something new
  • If you’re already a master, why are you here?
  • Have the capacity for more
  • Always trust in your training
  • Attribution to the source, Pamana Tuhon Sayoc
  • Be the sharpest blade you can be

Sayoc Kali:
Kapatid Martial Arts:

There is a way to build confidence using violence as a tool.

  • Answering the question, "How does martial arts actually give you confidence?"
  • A real answer
  • Scenario
  • Taking charge
  • Being conditioned to hold back
  • Giving our children confidence
  • The physical world as a learning tool for the nonphysical world
  • Advice from children
  • Identifying the imbalance using the martial triad
  • Practicing to solve intangible problems
  • Walking into the room

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Updated October 8, 2019

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