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There is a way to build confidence using violence as a tool.

  • Answering the question, "How does martial arts actually give you confidence?"
  • A real answer
  • Scenario
  • Taking charge
  • Being conditioned to hold back
  • Giving our children confidence
  • The physical world as a learning tool for the nonphysical world
  • Advice from children
  • Identifying the imbalance using the martial triad
  • Practicing to solve intangible problems
  • Walking into the room

  • Podcast block?
  • The only time you’ll ever listen is when you want to hear something
  • When the student is ready, the teacher will appear
  • When do you want to do the basics?
  • Testing your basics Invitational to get hit
  • Wanting to defend properly
  • How to ascend from self discipline
  • Purpose Where do the high levels of confidence come from?
  • Translating from class situations
  • Increased power from simple details
  • Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication
  • Buying the next shiny thing
  • Owning the wisdom of knowing the difference between want and need
  • Reminder of Mother’s Day
  • The diamond was given to you from the beginning
  • Struggle is required. It’s an investment
  • Take your time to do it right from the beginning

Power Thought: Motivation and inspiration is fleeting. Discipline is forever.

  • Try sprinting
  • Its only a little bit
  • Develop the habit of discipline. Stop relying on motivation and inspiration.
  • Burn out
  • All skill is perishable
  • Prescription to get good
  • Pay the price
  • Schedule your rest properly
  • Hefty amounts of REAL in your decision
  • Genuine integrity

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Updated February 5, 2019

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