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After a return trip from Des Moines Iowa, it was time to translate some experiences and how it translates from our training to the real world

  • Getting setup
  • Warming up to fight
  • Round 1 strategy
  • What happens after round 1
  • A pet peeve
  • Round 2 endurance
  • Reminders of their plan, not mine
  • Undestanding the fear of fatigue
  • Round 3 finishing strong
  • How to use lessons learned
  • Good students listen to their coach
  • Translations
  • Setting up for the work day
  • Properly warm up in the morning
  • Round 1 of the work day
  • How to use the first break
  • The end of the work day
  • Using the second break
  • What is round 3
  • Using your training to ask questions
  • Knowing if you fought well

Time: 36 min

Nakapan Phungephorn of Beta Academy in Washington DC joins me for episode 16. I hit him with a blast of topics to get started; Multiple arts versus the single art got our talk going.

  • Improving the culture and understanding the purpose of training
  • Playing as a form of training in Thailand while at Tiger Muay Thai
  • Preserving the sport of Muay Thai while being exposed to mixed martial arts
  • Travel experiences in Bangkok
  • Watching Muay Thai fights at Rajadamnern during the Tiger King's Day
  • Taking the plunge of living the martial arts life, starting Beta Academy and balancing time
  • Developing organizational tools
  • Writing down your goals
  • Holding each other accountable with a friend
  • A memory when training for 2016 No Gi Worlds
  • Validating the quality of time management and priorities
  • Reading books but experiment
  • Being all about improvement
  • Maintenance of the body
  • A range of time management skills but being flexible
  • An example of nutrition
  • Finding the trustworthy sources for food
  • The ever changing market
  • Preserving the arts and the need for relationships
  • Common struggles of the personal development
  • Helping students learn what commitment is
  • Pointing in the right direction
  • Always testing

Find and train at Beta Academy in the Washington DC area. Follow this link to learn more.

A bit raspy but still doing it.

  • Pinky toe blues
  • Still doing the deed
  • Go train anyway
  • Big ups to the laborers
  • Still improving even after a day's work
  • There are goals to be met
  • The Dream Job
  • Meaningfulness behind your work
  • Vacation? What's that?
  • It's not work. It's what I like to do
  • Stop convincing yourself. Just do.
  • Having to do the deed
  • Be smart with your goals
  • The most genius things come from the unlikely places
  • Move away from negative mindsets
  • Its ok to rest. Just be smart about it.

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Updated May 22, 2019

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