Writing to Taste Life Twice

First in the Moment then in Retrospect

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I started writing a daily post to my school's Facebook Group Page and thought the messages being written could do some use as an article someone may find for anyone that needs it. So this blog post is for you.

Good evening everyone! Hope everyone had a productive day today.

Did you know this July will mark 10 years of being a martial arts school? 6 years of that is being a full time teacher. Getting to this point has been one of the most scariest but rewarding adventures of my life and I couldn't have done it without all of you.

"How did I do it?" The simple answer is that I'm not done. Far from it. "How am I doing it?" would be a more accurate question.

Well, in the martial arts there is a well known symbol called the yin and yang. It represents contradictory opposites that cannot exist without the other; good/bad, young/old, man/woman, etc. All endeavors, such as goals, must have both of the opposites to allow progress to exist. Without them, then defining progress would be limited.

When setting off on achieving what is meant to be achieved, accepting the whole task in its entirety is a must. We have to opt in to everything associated to it; both the risk and the reward. And I think this is the secret ingredient. Accepting. Accepting the challenge because you are worth it and everyone else around you. Thank you for being you and the energy you bring. This year will be the best year yet!

Learn - Practice - Train - Evolve

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